A higher level of pot head,
someone who buys weed no less than a quarter ounce a time
a weed head would roll blunts daily. Weed heads are generally successful pot heads staying in school and making money.
Angel: You guys are pot heads.
Kenny: Wtf no, were weed heads
Alex: Smoking purp by the pound, kush by the ounce.
by Kennyblaze November 14, 2007
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1. someone who smokes/eats excessive amounts of cannabis.

2. someone who acts as though they have used large amounts of weed.

3. Someone who does stupid things/acts a bit screwed up and smokes weed/prefers to be called weed head to crack head.

Can be used in place of "crack head" in most cases, unless you're actually talking about/to someone who does actually use crack.
by lawrence_s October 08, 2005
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a pot heaed aka burn out stlye stoner

Ex: i got your visine, weedhead
by kosher July 13, 2003
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Going afk for an extended periond of time without giving a prior warning.
Chips is pulling a WeedHead, does anybody know when he went afk?
by p0t January 28, 2008
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A person who constantly smokes weed, not for the feeling or euphoria but to bandwagon the people who influenced them Marijuana. For a sensation of belonging and feeling of fitting in.
Jamie: "Why is Isaiah such a herb?"
Phil: "What makes you say that?"
Jamie: "He always smokes weed just because everyone in school does it"
Phil: "Ew, That makes him a weedhead"
by IsaiahAlexander September 02, 2017
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