A time to have a heart attack, lay down and die. Especially when a guy says it.
Guy: Baby, we need to talk
Girl: Um..ok?
Guy: It's not working out
Girl: *has a heart attack & dies*
by Mami February 14, 2004
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when you walk in to your house and ur mother is sitting on the in a chair crying. and ur father is holding a baggy and pipe combo. Then u here them say son "we need to talk" advice’ either turn and hall ass as fast as u can down the block or stay there and take you ass kickin like a man. normaly when u hear the line "we need to talk it means your in for a long night.
"hey babe hows it goin. uhh we need to talk." that normaly means that your girl friend or soon to be x girlfriend has another guy picked out and ready to ride him and you ass is gettin kicked to the curb! so if u here"we need to talk" that means nothing good it to come. best o put on ear muffs and walk away. because ur either gettin bitched at or dumped.
father,"nate we need to talk"
father,"i cant believe u brought this shit in to my house. ur not my son."
nate,"thats nothing compared to what u use to have."
father,"get over here u little son of a whore ur dead i fuckin hate u!","your going to rehab"
thats pretty much what happen at my house last night
by nate dogg March 07, 2005
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1. You're screwed because your significant other has been fucking the plumber for the past 12 months.

2 You're screwed because your boss is going to bitch at you for doing your job, or, as he sees it, not doing enough to "further company productivity", probably by giving him head.
1. We need to talk Al. You're just not as good in bed as your brother, who, incedentally, I started screwing two days after we met.

2. We need to talk Al. You haven't been working 10 hours overtime a week for no pay, filing in your copious spare time, or doing anything else so insanely outside of your job description or beneath your skill -level that I can be happy with you.
by Al October 14, 2003
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usually when a person needs to give you excruciating bad news, a divorce, a death, a certain behaviour that you might be giving to your parents...lol
hey justin...ive been meaning to tell you this...

yes kelly, we need to talk.
by suburbanpictionary.com September 22, 2003
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Things have suddenly gone south!!!
Fat chick: We need to talk.
Redneck:I'll pack your bags for you, whore.
by Snazzy McSnazz April 24, 2004
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only way to save face after having this statement directed toward you is to fall to the ground and fake a seizure, anurism, or massive myocardial infarction (heart attack).
by jefbenet November 06, 2003
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The four most dreaded words known to man, whether they be spoken by a significant other, boss, roommate, parent, friend, etc. Usually means you fucked up big time and are about to be dumped, fired, kicked out, disciplined, or at least threatened with some form of punishment or formal rejection. Known to be a leading cause of mini-heart attacks and paranoia.
by rtv0587 April 22, 2011
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