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Fagabeefe comes from the classic movie Midnight Madness (1980) when "Barf" was trying to figure out one of Leone's brain teasers.
by Nate Dogg February 16, 2005

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1. To utterly destroy your competition
2. To be way tight and decked out in expensive stuff.
1. Dude, you just got pimped.
2. Man that Escalade is totally pimped out! Look at those rims.
by nate dogg May 07, 2004

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verb: to slap someone with a penis especially given when a person is acting stupid; very harsh action, if you have recieved a dong slap, you are a to be considered the lowest form of organisms
Joel got dong slapped by Landon for being such a fag

Dude, you should dong slap that fool driving his lifted 2WD Ford Ranger.
by Nate Dogg February 27, 2004

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when you walk in to your house and ur mother is sitting on the in a chair crying. and ur father is holding a baggy and pipe combo. Then u here them say son "we need to talk" advice’ either turn and hall ass as fast as u can down the block or stay there and take you ass kickin like a man. normaly when u hear the line "we need to talk it means your in for a long night.
"hey babe hows it goin. uhh we need to talk." that normaly means that your girl friend or soon to be x girlfriend has another guy picked out and ready to ride him and you ass is gettin kicked to the curb! so if u here"we need to talk" that means nothing good it to come. best o put on ear muffs and walk away. because ur either gettin bitched at or dumped.
father,"nate we need to talk"
father,"i cant believe u brought this shit in to my house. ur not my son."
nate,"thats nothing compared to what u use to have."
father,"get over here u little son of a whore ur dead i fuckin hate u!","your going to rehab"
thats pretty much what happen at my house last night
by nate dogg March 07, 2005

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A total spinless terd. A coward. A peeon
Do your job, you little bitchmop.
by Nate Dogg April 28, 2004

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A combination of jackass and asshole, with an implied "ass".

Also a less vulgar insult used in mixed company.
Hey, stop acting like a jackhole!
by Nate Dogg December 30, 2004

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the penis, schlong, wang, weiner, purple-headed-yogurt-squirter, etc.
My hoohah is bigger than your hoohah
by Nate Dogg September 09, 2003

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