Perfect, on point, A+, flawless On point, flawless,perfect,A+
Homegirl used her Anastia Beverly Hills Dip brow and her "eyebrows on fleek"
by Warriorprincess October 29, 2014
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In this generation where girls begin to think there is a certain way to do Eyebrows.
These 'Flawless' eyebrows usually look like Megan Fox's, Beyonce's and many other celebrities.

When really some of those who think their 'Eyebrows are on Fleek' just shaved off parts of
their eyebrows to make them look better.
Ali- "Those eyebrows on fleek Carla!"
Carla- "Well I sure hope so. I shaved the sides and most of my eyebrow off. At least they on
FLEEK doe!"
by rawrkitten101 April 2, 2015
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