The biggest rave of the year. Only the coolest babes and most lavishing males are allowed to attend. Alcohol, raving, spicy tunes, and sexual behaviour will often be in presence during a "WB" festivity. DJ NÏRO spins the best tracks and thus rave attire (tight and bright) is strongly suggested but not compulsory.

Note: Can also stand for, but is not restricted to, "welcome back".
John: Are you pumped for WB this weekend?
Dave: Fuck yeah, it's gonna be sickkkkk!
by WBRaver01 March 28, 2013
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otherwise known as the "wife-beater" approach. its when guys treat a girl bad in order to get the girl to like them (3rd grader complex). the scary thing is it works.
one day she didn't notice i existed, next day i straight wb'd that shit and she was all up on these nuts. good times.
by langan April 23, 2003
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Warn a brother: as in saving another African American human being from arrested...
"Now class, what do you do when you see a police man?"
"You go wb quick!"
by dur November 29, 2003
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An abbreviation for West Bend, a suburb of Milwaukee Wisconsin. Famous for hoods like: (The) Arbour Trace and Villa Park.
"I am from the W.B."
by Mr. Pelle October 25, 2006
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