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Someone who drinks a lot of water and always keeps hydrated. As their name indicates, a water nigga's drink of choice is pure, clean, water, and they hold special disdain for carbonated drinks: those who drink large quantities of soda are dubbed "soda niggas" and shunned.

A water nigga can be identified by the water bottles they carry around.

Benefits of being a water nigga include improved concentration, greater stamina, and generally improved health.
- Did you see Joe over there, carrying that big 5 gallon jug of water?
- Yeah, he's a total water nigga. When he goes to pee he doesn't even need to flush because his piss is so clear from all the water he drinks.
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by bonespook April 17, 2019
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This is where a big nigga can bend water to his wheel and sprint on water like that nigga black Jesus
Damn bruh, I just saw a water nigga get arrested after running across the funeral home lake
by Big nibba airplane May 31, 2019
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This is the official term given to the people with darker shades of complexion often found living near/along a water body of relevant volume. These people are considered to be of mental degeneracy and practice homosexuality.
Eli lives near a water body and has darker complexion with frequent outbursts of homosexuality
Eli is a water nigga
by SchutzWaffel May 01, 2019
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