clear liquid exploding from the butthole due to prolonged diarrhea
i drank so much last night i had the worst case of water butt ever
by bloter 101 July 1, 2006
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Naturally produced lubrication during anal sex.
"Boy baby you have a lot of butt water"

"I enjoy drinking my boss's Butt Water at lunch time."

"I put creamer in my Butt Water."
by sid rock November 15, 2007
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Butt Water is when you have really bad diarrhea...
That when you go to the bathroom and pull your pants down you instantly start pissing out shiting profusely Intel your done
Dude last night after eating taco bell i got instant butt water
by ReJeCtEd M3M3 July 3, 2020
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Vulcanic Butt Water is an activity where water or some kind of liquid (beer is the most common) ir poored trough ones back, passes trough the butt crack and ends up in the other person face. The first mentions of this activity appeared in Budapest-Hungary at a party hostel called Grandio Party Hostel by a group of Portuguese individuals in a bachelor party called "Bizeus Bachelor Party"
That guy is sleeping at the couch, let's vulcanic butt water him.
by lulox May 29, 2018
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The diarrhea one gets when they eat bad buffalo wings.
The local wings place is giving out buffalo water butt, free of charge. You'll be peeing out of your ass so many times the salmonella will be hanging on like a palm leaf in a fucking hurricane.
by Luvsyoumor February 19, 2016
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Water from the toilet this splash is on you when you clean
Water from the toilet this splash is on you when you clean
ii am a professional cleaner who has butt water all over her every day
by Christina Page July 27, 2022
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