A phrase used when you are so horribly fucking bad at insulting, you decide to call someone's face a "person".
Don't be a dumbass and get better insults please.

Also, it could be used as a joke with friends, but you don't have any so oh well
Normal person: "Why are you such a cock sucking fucko, dumb whore?"

Dumb whore: "shut up, you Person Face"

Normal person: "Are you fucking high or just utterly retarded?"

Dumb whore: "Both Negger"
by Some FiggerNaggot May 09, 2017
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The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-III-R) for concept of the Cunt Face personality disorder (CFPD) is characterized by a pattern of excessive and inappropriate labeling of other people with personality disorders, including an excessive lack of knowledge of what they constitute, usually beginning as soon as they hear about the various disorders names.

This disorder can easily be mistaken for knowledgeability, however, a person with Cunt Face Personality Disorder does not simply grow out of this cunt faced state of being. You may perceive people with CFPD to be very intelligent, astute but shallow and with screwed up eyes like a cunt.
There goes cunt face labelling us all again. Little does he know he has CFPD - Cunt Face Personality Disorder!
by Penfold4 May 31, 2012
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