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Someone very comfortable in the water, Good swimmers, and never scared while in bodies of water
There's Jadine, back in the lake. She's such a water baby
by C. Moon August 25, 2006
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1 n. a person who loves the ocean, swimming, etc.

2 n. a person under the zodiac sign of Aquarius; an Aquarian.

3 n. an infant who dies by drowning.
1. "He just bought a little place on the waterfront...he's such a waterbaby."

2. "She's a waterbaby, so she'll go perfect with me being a Leo."

3. "It's so sad...what a sweet child to die a waterbaby."
by Haley December 21, 2003
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Tiny bead like balls that grow when put in water. They are usually treated as if were real babies and they can also bounce.
1.Look at my water babies in the water bottle grow!

2. Aw.. my water babies are so cute!
by noneofyourbizness January 08, 2011
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Term for a large-nostril black person. their nostrils are so large they can be under water and still breathe, like a hippopotamus.
Hey Tyrone, why you such a water baby, your momma hold you under water too long?
by boyzinblu January 19, 2010
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