"Chantelle is wastegal man, living off benefits and her pickney hair aint even comb"
by UrbanLIVER June 12, 2007
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The V-8 crowd. Usually inhabiting corners of autoparts stores, feed stores, hardware stores, ect, constantly talking shit on "import" style cars. Commonly refering to 4 cyl cars as slow. Oblivious to the fact that 4 bangers can have double the HP, tq, and gasmileage of any stock to moderatly modified mustang camaro, TA, ect with Mild modification. having twice the HP per cylender, power to weight ration. coining the title, for being known as stupid ignorant wankers.
"all i need is a turbo, you need 4 more cylenders."
by Adam March 19, 2005
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when your at full boost with your turbo charged vehicle and you let off and your turbo makes a orgasmic sound
my god listen to that dirty wastegate flutterBRAAAAAP stututu
by dirtymax 69 April 4, 2018
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Someone with a piss-fart 4 cylinder turbo charged car that drives around the roads at night time revving the tits off them, hoping somebody will notice them. Often involves driving 'round and 'round the same block or circuit numerous times hoping for someone to think they are cool.

This is usually due to lack of penis size and engine cubic inches.
There goes another wastegate wanker.
by GravelRash November 18, 2003
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