A crazy, tough person willing to fight off anything that gets in their way
"I've been given a blackeye by a warhead the other day."
by Thatoneweirdling February 06, 2017
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Alright guys I’m getting warhead... LEROYYYYY JENKINSSSS”
by TheNinthSector October 23, 2017
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The act of recieving head in the middle of a war/battle. It usually causes chibble nibble.
Soldier 1: Dude, why were you in the barracks so long?
Soldier 2: Chill man, I was gettin' some war head.
Soldier 1: Nice!
Soldier 2: ...Not so much.
by The Tay-meister January 24, 2008
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the rarest yummiest candy you can never find..
Tommy loves warheads but cant find em anywhere. Fuck you bro i want that warhead
by ya boy swagg November 17, 2010
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A Vagina, that upon tasting, is very acidic, sour, and/or smelly, and not to be enjoyed by anyone. It will almost make you want to give up vagina's for good.
A: Dude i finally hooked up with that linda chick

B: Holy shit dude how was it?

A: I dunno man, i went down on her and her warhead almost rotted my fucking teeth.

B: Damn
by B.K. Jawnskies July 08, 2009
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Tip of the cock...the helmet above the shaft. Usually used in description of a large, impressive cock.
She saw my missile and its warhead. She knew it was time for the countdown!
by Pompatus of Love September 04, 2016
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