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A term used to describe a particularly impressive football player, mostly offensive lineman of substantial girth. Originated in the deep south and used primarily by southern football coaches.
See dat boy, he a big ol' hoss, a bonafide war daddy!
by Bill Nichols March 09, 2008
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It is an inmate slang term for a pimp in a male prison; one who sets up sexual liaisons, just like a pimp on the streets does. The opposite of a sugar daddy.
Hey, I am looking for a war daddy." Do you know of any in here?
by Corrections Officer July 09, 2010
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One Who exhibits a rather large physical appearance, and partakes in sports (usually American football). A war daddy typically demolishes all in front of him, and has a hat size larger than 8. A war daddy must also have a sufficient amount of chest hair to keep him warm in the winter.
Man! Did you see Anthony hit that guy, he's a real war daddy!
by Cjk0999 March 07, 2011
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A real man. One who eats hearts with disreguard to his surroundings. Fiends the taste of alchohol and blood.
Ben Wyss is a Wardaddy and a half.
by Kevin Wittl November 27, 2009
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A fierce defensive player. A term used by southern coaches to describe an intense blood thirsty defensive player usually Linebackers whose only aim is to dominant and destroy their opponents.
See that Jackson play? He's my War Daddy.
by Jaxed44 July 01, 2010
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