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Refers to a man who is well endowed and posseses great sexual prowess. Originating from Northern India/Kashmir and bestowed upon men who had mastered the art of the Karma Sutra and were therefore extremely desireable to women.

Comes from Pahaari (general terms for a range of dialects spoken across the Himalayan range) and also used in ancient Urdu adn Hindi. Also used as a name for a boy to symbolise fertility. Used in the West by British and Canadian Asians as a slang term equivalent for "Stud" or "Playa"
One who is craved for by women.Alt spellings Waqas/Waqqas

Comes from the east-indian and arab gangster slang in western North America.
"Bro all the girls in the club were checkin you out u Waqaas"
by K4sh December 13, 2007
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snake, one who slithers, slimey little toerag, randy ass slapper
e.g. RPC zindabad!!!!! "lets slap some old wrinkly booty"
by R Kelly April 25, 2005
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