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a girl who is a hoe or bitch that nobody likes
ehh.... that girl is a wanch!~
by gurl October 10, 2003
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(of a female) ugly, annoying, stupid, mean, or basic in every way; common misspelling: wainch
Omg look at that girl. She's such a wanch.
by holla23 February 17, 2015
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Bad, fucked, awful, terrible, the worst
Man, this sour milk tastes wanch!
by Snickersnoot August 06, 2017
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Contrary to popular belief wanch does not mean hoe or bitch. It's when a person instantly nuts when/after seeing someone they find attractive. It also can be used in a phrase such as "instant wanch" or "I'm about to wanch".
"Dude that waiter over there is an INSTANT WANCH!"
by ndcuiebwiqodihcd December 20, 2017
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no one truely knows what the wanch is.
I will wanch over the corn tonight. You get some sleep.
by Ccs904 March 10, 2018
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