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When you take a crap containing half feces, half gas. The solid is propelled at such a rate that the entire inside of the toilet bowl is lined in crap.
I apologise for "wall papering" next door to your meeting.
by Jonny Crapper August 07, 2007
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When it is hot outside and your balls are sweating and they stick to the side of your inner thighs, and you have to pull them off (They are sticking like wallpaper)
Damn I'm wall papering so bad
There's nothing worst when its hot out and you start to wallpaper
by Masterflex22 March 06, 2009
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An act, (usually homosexual) where one party is standing, spread, facing a wall (much like when a police man performs a search). And the other member relentlessly ravages them from behind. Thus resembling two people putting up wall paper.
Tony: Where are those guys?
Kevin: i think they're inside wall papering each other
by skippyskippy November 06, 2015
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If a girl tells a guy a bit too late that she doesn't want to receive his special juices, he may have no choice but to ejaculate on the nearest wall. Bonus points for hanging a poster using the sticky stuff on said wall.
College guy 1: Great Pulp Fiction poster man!
College Guy 2: Thanks. Your Mom and I were wallpapering last night. She was so good we also stuck my Animal House poster to the other wall.
by First time wallpaperer November 18, 2008
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