also means gettin really hyped up or extremely into something
that music in the club tonite was goin sick!

did u see him dancin? he was goin sick!
by donia November 9, 2003
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the act of letting go of ones inhibitions and giving it your all, getting really drunk and being beligerent
homo: "yo, just go out there and go sick dude"
by NPRFC November 1, 2006
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The act of going angry or mad, often when reacting to something. If someone wildy explodes with rage, they are "going sick". In the past tense, if someone went crazy or angry, they "went sick". People going sick are often laughed at, as they are probably overreacting to something and making a fool of themselves.

An expression often used in Corby, UK (therefore probably Scotland as well).
Ryan: Any of you twats touch my bike, I'm gonna go sick!


Mike: Did you see Dave? He went sick when he saw his bird getting touched up!
by CharlieA May 21, 2006
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