(v.) The act of secluding oneself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, going to a cabin in the woods, and writing.
I grew weary of living a life of quiet desperation, so I tried waldening away my writer's block.
by SovieD March 28, 2014
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Did a Walden !

To blame a car crash on a mechanical fault,

Common for a guy or girl to blame a car or motorbike crash on a mechanical failure or fault.

Driving abilities vary between person to person and it’s common for someone’s ability to let them down even in dry conditions. It’s easier to blame the machine than themselves, it’s hard for them to come to grips that they need more skill or to go back to basics.

In the event of a crash, a bystander will often say he’s doing a Walden
Did he just do a Walden ?
by LotusClub July 9, 2022
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A school that proves that you can't buy creditability, good academic/professional standing or relevance. Known to most people as a marketing company that some how still maintains accreditation, they are basically a new style diploma mill.
You know Walden, it's the school that you mock for being lower than your local community college.
by spam spam spam July 30, 2009
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A guy that usually has brown eyes and dimples. A bit of a goob. A true southern gentleman with some nice legs. He uses the lawn mower and sprinkler as his go to dance moves. He loves singing karaoke and is the life of a party.
I wish my girlfriend had legs like Walden!
by Fancylegs864 July 16, 2018
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A "Walden" is typically a girl who has big tits, a nice face, and mild autism.
Guy 1: Wow, that chick appears to have a mild learning disability, large breasts, and an attractive facial structure!
Guy 2: That's what we call a "Walden".
by b411 dr0pp3r~? November 22, 2022
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one of the stupidest fucking books ever written. Henry David Thoreau is the author.
Jeff: Dude did you read Walden?
Antonio: Yea that book blew donkey balls.
by Mat Nun September 6, 2006
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A University for the student that needs the freedom of online education. Excellent staff and professors. Those that mock this school are uneducated to begin with and do not understand online education.
Ph.D. in Psychology at Walden landed me a job as a teacher and researcher.
by Ripley2010 July 13, 2009
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