Get in the shoe. Get in the fucking shoe.
Oh so it's going to be like this, bitch? Give me a dollar.
by Pwnt November 19, 2004
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Yes it sounds like it means but then was turned into a funny joke in NY and NJ. Started around the summer of 2002 by a kid in south NJ. Saying it is most of the time meaningless and is meant to be oddly funny. The phrase "give me a dollar" is funny because hardly no one ever says that or ever will to be serious.

You now hear "Give me a dollar." in middle schools and spoken by bored teenagers throughout the northeast of the USA. Another use by saying it is to shut people up.
"Give me a dollar!"
"Give me a dollar, bitch!"
There are many other ways of saying it.
by Big Bad Wolf September 3, 2005
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