What you say to fill an weird, unsettling moment, in hopes of distracting a person of what is actually going on.
Phil (obviously distraught): My wife is sleeping with the mailman, my daughter is hooked on PCP and having sex with everyone in the neighborhood and I just found out my mother has cancer!
Bill: Wakka wakka!
Phil: Wakka wak-? What was I saying again.
by hermanator05 March 21, 2004
The classic catchprase of The Muppets funnyman, Fozzie the Bear.
Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side! Wakka wakka!
by Mystie April 26, 2005
wakka wakka wakka wakka....::munches pills:: wakka wakka wakka wakka...(continues repetitive music
by Savi April 28, 2004
a pac-language term that means "shit, these ghosts are pissin' me off"
by Penislandian March 10, 2008
To perform oral sex. When going down on a guy or a girl it's additionally customary to make the Pac-Man (Or Mrs. Pac-Man) sound of Wakka Wakka Wakka.
"Yo man, Jessica totally went Wakka Wakka Wakka on me last night. I made her wear the bow and everything."

"Last night when I went Wakka Wakka Wakka on Jim he made me actually make the noises and everything."
by El Zacko May 5, 2007
1. peace to you, war to you
2. good to you, bad to you

This phrase is most ordinarily used in times of complete confusion, when there is nothing else one could say, especially for those who regularly have panic attacks. Thus, it is really a nonsensical phrase that actually has a meaning and its meaning does not have to actually be the above, but a similar arrangement of positive wishes to others, followed by its antonymical negative wish. e.g. gumbo to you, nutra rat stew to you. You get the drift.
An example conversation with "wakka-wakka" used:

Tyson: I have to go to the store today and . . . there is a girl i like who . . . my mom called earlier and . . .the momement that bastard comes around here i'm gonna . . . what a jagoff, i swear . . .
Felix: Wakka-wakka
by cgStarling February 20, 2007
a noise shouted when one experiences pure joy
wakka wakka bing! i've never heard it used in an actual sentance
by Jack-ho April 11, 2008