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A small creature that shows up at times of stress it can not be seen by the naked eye. Wagas will sometimes massage you to relieve stress. They may also destroy the cause of your stress. To summon them say "chicken strip nugget"
I was stressed so I summoned a waga
by TurtleDude87 May 13, 2009
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n, v, adj., waga™.

A word with infinite possibilities. Commonly used in salutations, to express affection, to define physical location (or the lack thereof), to inquire, and to amuse.

Limitations on this word are strictly prohibited.
I waga you!
Leave a message after the waga... waga!
"Bye!" --> "waga!"
waga. :o)
by WagaAdmin January 08, 2005
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Used to express an agreement or affirmation. i.e. word


An informal hello sometimes used in conjunction or replacement of hey, bitch, or what's up?
Gilgamesh: Waga?
Jimmy Dean:Oh, nothing much man.


michelle: you're such a d0rk
alex: waga.
by Ahhlex August 28, 2004
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Bad Breath

Also, "Armpit Waga" meaning a smelly armpit.

Maybe from the African Mythology of Waga who gave breath to man.

Roy: Oh noes, I have Waga!

Graham: Eat a mint
by MoPolo1987 March 29, 2009
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