The best character in all of fate, the character who pimp slapped that bitch rider
That asshole rider messed with the wrong homosexual
Gilgamesh better than rider, bite me
by Imboredandtrolledmyfriend April 27, 2021
Something or someone epic beyond words, such as Gilgamesh himself. Something or someone worthy of having an epic written about them/it.
Example 1: Billy Mayes was the most gilgamesh pitchman ever.

Example 2: Those shoes are just gilgamesh.
by SASQUATCH 2.0 / FEEDMONKEYKING February 9, 2011
He is our Lord and Savior, King of Heroes, and King of Uruk. He is a character in the series Fate, appearing in different storylines. He is worshiped by many, and is handsome and frick.
Worship Gilgamesh, Is that our hunk, Gilgamesh?, Remember to praise Gilgamesh
by Sethmore March 28, 2019
A 35 Year Old Man who spends money on escorts, he also spends most of his time finding random videos on Twitter to send in the FC Barcelona Discord server and has a massive agenda against Mbappe who is generational and better then Haaland.
This guy spends money on escorts he is a Gilgamesh
by Anonymous192929299 March 19, 2022
1. noun. A villian in FF.
2. adj. Used to describe something pointless.
3. verb. To spam.
Needs more Gilgamesh!!!
by Needs more Gilgamesh! January 2, 2007
The name for a very large penis. A person who has a large penis may name it this.
chick 1: "Hey you see that guy over there?!"
chick 2: "Yeah?
chick 1: "Well i totally saw his Gilgamesh when he banged me last night!"

"There's a chick over there! Are you ready for this Gilgamesh?"
by steven beeee December 11, 2008