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Short for legitimate; real; not false.
A "I told you this Rolex is legit, you don't have to look twice."

B) "I swear this information I got for you is legit man, ask anyone!"

C) "If that ain't legit, I don't know what is.
by +Skep'tiKaL- March 21, 2007
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Describing a low to mild level of intoxication, induced usually by drugs such as marijuana. Opposite of buzzed by use of drugs, not alcohol.
"Are you high yet?"
"Not really, just a bit toasty."
by +Skep'tiKaL- March 21, 2007
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Originated from the word whacky; short for whack.

1 Something stupid.

2 Something that isn't interesting.

3 Something that is uncool.
1 "That kid is wack as hell."

2 "I think that show is wack."

3 "Tell your brother that he is too wack to get in this ride"
by +Skep'tiKaL- March 21, 2007
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"How much does that boulder cost?"
by +Skep'tiKaL- March 21, 2007
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Short for "Hoopde".
"Hurry and hop up in this hoop!"
by +Skep'tiKaL- March 21, 2007
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Short for kilogram. Taken from the (ki) in kilogram. Usually referring to cocaine.
"I heard you had a key of cocaine in the trunk?"
by +Skep'tiKaL- March 21, 2007
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