To rush or push someone

Originates from the "w" key on the qwerty keyboard being traditionally used to move objects forward in video games.
"Dude, I just hit this guy really hard; he's low health. We should w-key him."

"Steven was forced to abandon his friends in-game after getting w-keyed by a group of professional players."
by Nigasaurus March 10, 2019
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Rushing a opponent in a video game. (Sometimes done when there is no need to)
“This brain dead kid is w keying me in storm
by Winttrs February 1, 2020
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To suck dick aggressively
This bum ass kid W keyed while i was in my 1 by 1
by twitchDARKD3MON December 10, 2018
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Is a term used in Fortnite for players that are extremely aggressive and push everyone, they never back down in a fight and they’re basically psychos
TTV STREAMER: Imma push this guy
Josh: Stop W-Keying everyone, you have 24 HP
by Z Alpha January 2, 2019
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