"Yo dude, whachoo doin later?"

"The w+k are gonna be at a movie, so imagonna get my jerk on!"
by Cizzz July 15, 2009
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A word yelled by a noob as they own another noob, usually in an online game.
Person 1: hehehe...
Person 2: What the fuck are you doing?
Person 3: W@K!!!!
by roflcopterx3 February 6, 2009
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Verb: to party or show symptoms or intentions of partying. Can be used in past tense to descibe being partied out.
I am going to straight up Andrew W. K. this charity event.

Everyone was all Andrew W. K.'d the next day at work.
by Simon P. Waffle August 28, 2009
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W K Y stands for Would Know Ya.
This evolved as an offshoot of the reply D K Y . It began sometime in the 1970's by local teenagers. Basically it was just a fast mouth reply to another insult.
by D K Y September 10, 2007
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A freestyle, fresh, and fancyfree way of referring to the illinest villes en Western Ontario, Kitchener and Waterloo. This well-known, notorious, and glorious pair give you more mischief than Arby's after dark, a Buick Skylark, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.
I left New York because the scence got so old. I'm kicking it in K-W these days.
by T-Dog Jenkins October 2, 2005
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When a person or peoples is no longer resident sleeper.
I'm kidding I'm kidding (slep) UNLESS W O K E.
by Moody (aka modhacks) October 18, 2019
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