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A freestyle, fresh, and fancyfree way of referring to the illinest villes en Western Ontario, Kitchener and Waterloo. This well-known, notorious, and glorious pair give you more mischief than Arby's after dark, a Buick Skylark, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.
I left New York because the scence got so old. I'm kicking it in K-W these days.
by T-Dog Jenkins October 01, 2005
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K.W. is an acronym for "Knigger Wrigged". Both the K and W are silent, as in "knife" or "write". Generally used in a situation where actually saying "nigger rigged" would be grounds for involuntary grievous physical injury to oneself, i.e. you'd get your ass kicked.
I knocked over my bong and the slider broke, so I had to K.W. the damn thing. Pretty slick, eh?
by tioMoco November 21, 2006
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KW is short for Kilowatt, a kilowatt is equivelent to 1'000 watts.
WOW! This uses a whole kw!
by January 26, 2005
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