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some weird type of guy that teenage girls idealize as the PERFECT BOYFRIEND like some fairytale movie- even though in reality guys are just guys, like girls are just girls.

He is perfect in every superficial way: he screenshots your every snaps, he sends CUTE texts, and HUGS you, and gives you his HOODIE. He is perfect, and also uses VSCO. Also, he is also just an idea and not an actual human. So there’s that.
omg I wanna have a VSCO boyfriend!!!! he would be perfect and cute in every way!!! omg I love being stuck in a fantasy world!!!
by thatmanadrian May 27, 2019
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When you're in a relationship with your whole squad
Who needs a bae when you can get a squadlationship?

squad bae relationship relationships squad goals
by thatmanadrian April 25, 2015
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