A way to get around your school's web filter
I wanted to get onto pornhub at school, so I used a vpn
by Firstclass306 October 27, 2016
Virtual Private Network

A network using a streaming source (usually the internet) to connect a private network of computers spread across a large area.
I tried to look at that page but it's blocked by my companies vpn. *sadface*
by Reinth August 18, 2006
A VPN is a tool that can be used for many purposes. It stands for Virtual Private Network. It can be used for masking IP addresses, unblocking large networks, which lets your IP address not be revealed. However, a new study showed that the NSA can unmask a VPN for the low, low, price of 3,000 dollars.

However, some may slow down your speed.
This new VPN unblocks school WiFi
by Riv4l December 10, 2018
Your best friend when it comes to the school internet filter. Block the internet filter that blocks the internet!
Bro I just went on urban dictionary on the school WiFi because of my vpn!
by Minicrusher4200 August 25, 2018
Virtual Private Network, VPN, is an application installed on phones, tablets, and mostly computers to trick the website you are on or hackers/scammers to think you are in a different location.
Download SoAndSo VPN today using promocode: VPN!
by Daugh March 21, 2021
Ah, the classic favorite. You know, all of the sites at school are blocked, but you want to watch some hardcore porn. All you do is install a VPN and boom! Nice videos to jack off to.

If you don't know what a VPN is, it's basically like a bypass program. You see, it bypasses the school's firewall, so you can do what you please.

If you get in trouble, don't come crying to me.
Billy: *wants to watch porn*
Also Billy: *installs NordVPN*
Teacher: Billy, what are you doing?
Billy: *looks at screen with porn* OH SHOOT!
Teacher: Close out of it!
Billy: *jacks off and moans*
by XeneronGD November 10, 2019
Something Chinese people use to watch Pornhub.
Hey which VPN do you use? I'm bored of Asian porn I wanna see some caucasian tits.
by 利己様 June 11, 2020