To illustrate an invalid point in a speaker's attempt to resignate with listeners his lack of ability to embetter his environment.

See also strategery, misunderestimate resignate or embetter.
The enemy understands a free Iraq will be a major defeat in their ideology of hatred. That's why they're fighting so vociferously.
by Tommy October 1, 2004
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A word you're here for when reading The Death of The Moth by Virginia Woolf for English class, likely Language & Composition.

It's just a loud noise
He awoke from the nightmare and a cry came forth with great vociferation.

He was still in Honors Chemistry, it wasn't just a nightmare :(
by Alexdaboss2003 October 2, 2019
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A name for Wiggle Wigglebottom coined by based enbie grumpus Floofty Fizzlebean, considering the former's an extravagant, loud, attention-seeking bitch while her singing is absolutely dreadful that will make your ears bleed.
"Darling, they once called me a "vociferous profligate". I'm terribly insulted though I have NO idea what that even means."
-Wiggle Wigglebottom
by Cody D. Buni May 4, 2022
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“His voice is so beautiful yet vociferous when he sings!”
by i love jess mariano May 5, 2021
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