A dictator that Donald Trump admires; the only person off-limits to Trump's attacks.
Q: What is 12 inches long and hangs between Vladimir Putin's legs?
A: Donald Trump's tie
by BlueJersey November 06, 2017
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a former kgb member who is credited with bringing russia out of the soviet union. Apparently skilled in judo, sharpshooting, military commanding, singing, Modern Warfare, swimming, and invading Georgia, he is considered to be a prime candidate for the worlds most badass.
Vladimir Putin, that is who i want to be.
by SiberianPenguin January 23, 2010
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Vladimir Putin

Man of diminutive stature with enormous, usually nationalist chip on his shoulder. Vladimir Putins will attempt to combat the shame felt over their height and the disgraceful state of their country/countrymen by staging increasingly bizarre macho photo shoots, usually involving the persecution of a wild animal. The successful Vladimir Putin will usually live among peasants, and skilfully manipulate their base instincts to create an unassailable power base. The Vladimir Putin tends to become increasingly detached from reality in the absence of criticism from his subjugated peasant hordes, and finds himself driven to indulge in increasingly inappropriate behaviour such as singing, dancing, expounding the virtues of “Rep music”, and instructing the wives of world leaders to make cabbage soup. He will normally benefit from a complete absence of the concept of irony among his followers, allowing almost all barriers of bad taste and cringeworthiness to be smashed down without fear of reprisal.
I wouldn’t let your dog anywhere near that little weirdo. He’s a real Vladimir Putin. Before you know it he’ll have ripped his shirt off, sung heartbreak hotel and strangled it.
by AlexZondervan June 13, 2011
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Some mobster that somehow made his way to presidency and Russia, and enjoys posing shirtless while on horses. He also enjoys the following: Nukes, guns, soldiers, threats, racism, and Russia.
Some person: I've got an impossible task for you.
Some other person: Yes?
Some person: Go through all of the pictures of Vladimir Putin without barfing, dying of boredom, and/or losing your mind.
Some other person: O_O
by NoNamesNeeded February 07, 2015
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