cheap vodka that is known my his full name of the russian "vladimir"
Did you get us a bottle of vladdy?
by Lindsay January 20, 2005
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That sleazy dude needs to keep his vladdy in his pants.
by the cruciator December 16, 2013
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Cheap vodka, a friend of college and high school kids. Low cost but potent enough to get you hammered. It burns going down...and when it comes back up.
Timmy from this day forward you will never be allowed to drink Vladdy in my presence or we are no longer friends. Friends don't let friends drink Vladdy unless its an emergency... and its never an emergency so don't do it. Its worse than crack. Smoke crack instead its better for you.
by Timmy W. April 26, 2008
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Vladdy is the combination of the words Vlad and daddy. Commonly in refence to a vampire daddy.
Did you come over for a little sucky sucky Vladdy?
by Buttsexgoldilocks January 12, 2021
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Vladdy is like daddy but his dick is so huge he just impales you with it like vlad the impaler.
"That's my vladdy over there. Sex with him leaves me limping"
by Bluuloli July 30, 2019
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Vladdy is short for Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin is the president of Russia and all time greatest god to exist. 🇷🇺
“Look it’s lord vladdy
“All hail the almighty lord vladdy”
by Cannibal 101 May 25, 2020
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Vladdy Daddy is the nickname of Vladimir Putin, which is trending around tiktok right now, bc of the war that might happen between Russia and Ukraine, and if that happens world war 3 will also start, and gen a is now trying to tell Vladimir on his instragam he should stop the war, and calls him vladdy daddy, gen z wants the war to stop bc of different reasons, but mainly: war was so last year
Gen z also see Vladimir as their new god and father figure, and tells him that he’s not himself, and he should calm down and that they can change him bc they are not like the others.
Vladdy Daddy you’re not yourself when you’re hungry🥺🥺
War was so last year Vladdy Daddy😒
Look at me Vladdy Daddy… this isn’t you🥺

Another form of making jokes about the war is also:

“First war kinda nervous🥺🥺”
Europeans after the war: ( shows a video of dancing skeletons )
by Faz-Ballz February 1, 2022
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