What your minecraft mods probably came with
It also basically kills your pc if you dont fix it
Guy: *installs minecraft mods through a totally legal website*
Virus: hi
Guy: dammit my pc has a virus
by Literally a person December 25, 2019
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A guy with a great heart and lotta love to give
Viri’s got a huge heart and lotta love to give to a girl that deserves it
by Lviri March 01, 2020
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If someone did want to weaponize a virus, they wouldn't have to, the birds, the bees, or the bats would do it for them. There's a lot of money to be made in a pandemic, and a lot to gain for some folks, even as everyone else shuts down.
A virus wouldn't need to be weaponized by a human, and a human that wanted one weaponized knows that, so if anybody starts asking questions, they can always give the bats, the birds, or the bees as the answers
by Paulie the Guard February 10, 2021
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