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Very Important New Yorker: The type of affluent person that lives in New York City, mostly Manhattan, that takes themselves way too seriously. Specifically they are proud of their wealth and stature and believe that they are truly a member of an elite "super" species of human being; better, smarter, more attractive, and especially worthy of all they have and all that is taken from less wealthy or fortunate members of the average human race.
He would never carry a metro card because he will not ride the subway. He only hails town cars, not even taxis, because he's such a VINY.
by cornfedgal July 22, 2011
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Awesome Amazing guy.
Helpful, fun loving,

strong minded.
Viny :- who will always strive harder then the average guy to do any thing and EVERY thing
Will go above and beyond to help those close to him.
by P.B.H February 03, 2010
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