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Mixture of methamphetamine and pseudoephedrine. It is an injectable drug that was all the rage in downtown Moscow in the early 2000's.
Let's inject this hard rock of vint I have in my pocket
by _GoD_ September 20, 2004
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A guy who can make your day, and is totally the best guy you'll ever meet. He can make you the best version of you, and he's the most easy person to confide in and an amazing person all around.
Hey, your boyfriend is definitely like a vint

My best friend is a vint.
by nickelnickle June 20, 2018
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A little like an emo, scene, alto, but wears retro/vintage clothes, listens to alternative music and looks generally very hot and kewl.
That girl is so Vint! I want her purple leopard-print cardi and band tee! She looks whack!
by Spunc August 13, 2006
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russian slang for hard drive disk (HDD)

spells like "Winter" without "er" at the end.
I have 500gig free on me vint
by MouMo3r January 15, 2007
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a word used to describe anything disgusting, unpleasent, vile, atrocious, hideous, grotesque, appalling, wretched, putrid, etc.
"Yo, man you're girlfriend..she's fucking vint."

"There's no fixing that mess, it's vint."

"That is some VINT shit."

"Damn shorty, her vint body made me wanna yack."

"Did you smell that? Pure vint if you ask me!"

"Was that a walking corpse? Fuck, that was vint."
by Claudia Marie Lawson June 27, 2007
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In the Nintendo (8-bit) game Blades of Steel, a "vint" refers to pressing the "B" button (pass) when one's player is directly in front of the opponent's goal. Sometimes, this action results in the puck getting shot directly into the goal, as opposed to passed to another player. Named after S. Vint, pioneer of this manuever.
Awesome!! I just vinted!
by enziobodoni February 27, 2008
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