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being a genius at everything, always able to handle situations easily in panic modes, very smart, very fast; having very little attention span, fidgety, unstoppable

Origin: Most Vinods we have met in our life are of the following quality and that's how the word came into being in our urban dictionary.
Wow, is he a vinod?
Man, I wish I was a vinod.

You seem like you suffer from being a vinod.
by Jacob Balthazar February 12, 2008
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please see < bernode >
Berrrrnoooooode!!!! come here bernode!
by megan September 29, 2004
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A real cool and loving Guy.Always ready to sacrifice for his loved ones, especial his Lady.Loves to go out and spends a lot of money, not on himself, but on his Lady.Works most of the time and rarely relaxes.Very Hyper and Loves Coffee and Wines.
I really wish my Man is a Vinod!
by Charri February 19, 2010
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His pimp hand is always strong.

He believes there is no money like ho money.

Evening Bitches!
by Pimphand May 25, 2017
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Peak of sigma male, Plays with weights by day with hearts by night
1)Damn hes so cool , must be an Aryan Vinod
2) Bruce Wayne strives to be an Aryan Vinod
by Anguthekkannna November 24, 2021
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