1)the interest payment on a loan paid back to the creditor by a certain percent.
2)short for "vigorish" used in gambling;When wagering on a straight wager (point spread or total), you lay a certain amount of money to win a smaller amount of money. The difference between what is wagered and what is won is called the 'Juice' or 'VIG'. This 'Juice' or 'VIG' is one of the ways a sports book makes its money. In football and basketball the 'Juice' (or 'VIG') is 10%. In other words, for every $110 wagered you will win $100. If you lose the wager, you lose $110. If you win the wager, you get the $110 'Juice' refunded to you, plus the $100 in winnings ($110 + $100 = $210 total paid back to your account).
1)joe, "Lucky Hands wants one over prime".
tony, "what?".
joe, "he wants 1 point over the vig"
2)joe, "i wonder what the vig is for the jay hawks, huskers game?"
vito, "10%"
by x February 1, 2004
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1)tribute to a mafia boss.
2)a percent expected to be paid back from a loan.
3)the juice or cut to be lost or refunded(by winning) in gambling.
1)"Fats" wants the vig by next monday.
2)that loan shark "Shorts" wants his full payment back soon.
3)the vig on the mets, sox game is 10%.
by x February 25, 2004
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Payment made regularly to the head of an organized crime syndicate. Mob associates and made members of a family are required to kick up a piece of their profits to the boss.
The week's vig is $3000
by Arjun Shah January 7, 2004
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An older man who thinks he is a pimp. He is semi-hot. He hangs out with females with big butts. He likes to hit women with remotes.
That guy hit me with a remote. He is a Vig.
by traci t February 7, 2008
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The vig for the Man averages about 22% annually.
by Cridhe Saorsa December 12, 2003
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The interest to a loan on the street or through a bookie. It is common to not pay back the principle but have to pay the "vig" or interest weekly to keep your legs intact. The interest paid in no way lowers the principle. This is why loans are given freely on the streets, as most people borrowing could most likely pay back the entire loan, but can usually come up with the vig every week. This also lets loan sharks get their "hooks into you" if you borrow this money, as you will probably be paying it far longer than expected and after you finally pay off the principle with the vig, you will have often paid more then double or triple of the total borrowed.
borrower - "the vig is killing me and at this rate i am never going to be able to save enough to get this paid off"

loan shark - "exactly. just keep these weekly payments coming or i will break your legs"
by ViG90 June 26, 2011
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