Vez is mainly used in northern Italy and literally means old man, but it can be compared to the word “bro”.
Vez, what are we doing today?

Vez, what the fuck do you say!!
by Barchetta April 29, 2022
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1.The act of, on school grounds, having your books dismantled from your grasp by a fellow classmate.

2. Anyone that gets shown up or pwned.

3. perhaps
1. "Raul's books were knocked from his hand by victor."
"ooooooooooooooooooooooo tal vez"

2. "You just got tal vezed!"

3. "Tal vez I will get an A on my test."
by billy hablasteis May 30, 2008
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means perhaps in spanish.
used in slang is to describe insult or injury.
by McCracken May 29, 2008
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Allstar vez gets Money has power in the streets doesn’t care who you are he will drop his nuts on you an he doest play
Allstar vez get money he isn’t worried about no lightskin nigga who never seen biker boyz
by Annaynoumys September 18, 2019
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A very Handsome Cute Sexy male that owns the tiktok account @brakezyandtox
I wish I was vez...
by Mr Franklin May 17, 2021
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Vez is unique, Authentic and amazing. Vez is like nothing you have ever known, they're different and well going, and they're sweet and caring. They know how to listen and they make everything so much more full fulling. Vez is special and will always be.
You're vez.
by Nick? December 20, 2022
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Vez is an hot, sexy, black male supposedly with a big cock and he's really kind.
Vez Is so fucking hot i want him inside me..
by Mandlethewandle May 5, 2022
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