Spanish for damn (used as an adjective. Not to just say "damn"). Can also be maldita for feminine nouns.
Ese maldito perro no deja de ladrar.
That damn dog won't stop barking.

Si crees eso, eres un maldito idiota.
If you believe that, you're a damn fool.
by PaQueSepas April 02, 2019
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damn, as in when u hit ur thumb with a hammer or ur pissed off
maldito lo que mi importa
i dont give a damn
by nikita April 12, 2004
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Epic phrase said by Chávez in 2010.
"Darling, my parents will come. Pls, don't speak about politicc"

*Parents arrive*

"Maldito seas estado de Israel!"
by SaquenmeDeLatinoamerica September 27, 2021
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