(noun) Jumping ability, traditionally understood within the context of basketball and generally not associated with the skill set of white people
Yo, that dawg Tyreke has some serious vertical - he just gave that clown Neil a facial
by ToastedBread October 13, 2009
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Top Definition
The act of taking a handle, specifically of McCormicks, Apple flavor, and tilting it until it is perfectly 180 degrees "vertical" and drinking as long as you can.
"We're going back to his place to take a couple casual verticals."

"Good Morning, I'm so plyat, want a vertical?"

"Hey, he looks pretty gone/blacked out/hamsuaced, wanna vertical?"

Hey wanna go take a few verticals in the gazebo?

Hey wanna shot? no.. I'll take a fucking vertical!!!!

My summer is going to consist of verticals and vertricals..
by Kyle and Anne= Same person May 05, 2011
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To be Vertical is to be in a higher state of being, often induced through mind altering chemicals. Most common of these chemicals, for those who often get Vertical is Marijuana.
I am Vertical
by Filthy Phil Kessly Snipes October 23, 2010
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Vertical implies when you're moving in a vertical fashion to clear an obstical.
"Hey yo can you vertical this"
*jumps over medium height ladder*
by MTL November 22, 2005
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a descriptive for easily surpassing your competitors
Created by Nicki Minaj in the "Nictionary"
I'm too VERTICAL hoe!!!
by mz.denise August 16, 2010
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vertical is a 5 peice metal band that will take the world by storm with their KICKASS music. they are the breed under verical (followers of the 1 and only high God) and spread his message to ears all through the world. Gods word has never sounded so good WAHOO!
"i heard vertical play live, and dam they rock!!!"
by Scotty July 25, 2004
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A line that goes "|"
Stupid: The Elevator is going Horizontal, neat

Me: it's going vertical
by Themysteriouspopatoe October 13, 2017
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