Point in space, usually a point in a mesh model. A vertex can be both a 3D or 2D point. Not to confuse with vector allthough conversion can be done. A vertex usually contains more than just a position. It can also contain color, mapping coordinates, normals and other properties.

One vertex - Many vertices.

Typical vertex definition in C:

struct vertex
float x;
float y;
float z;
float nx;
float ny;
float nz;
int color;
float u;
float v;

Three or more vertices makes a polygon, if connected.
This model has over 100k vertices. Transforming each vertex is nothing you do by hand!
by malmer May 24, 2004
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Some random guild who runs away and gets farmed by Ser/bal guilds though they think they are better...also fun fact needs to pay people to shot call #timallenwasbetter #falconwingtopfrag #bdo
by some pepega October 01, 2019
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Person 1: you see vertex’s new edit?
Person 2: ya, he really is taking the console editing scene by storm!
by Noobface June 25, 2018
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Specifically the VX-150 2 meter handheld, the Vertex Division of VertexStandard/Yaesu is one of the best damn radio manufacturers. The VX-150 is probably the best and most affordable NTIA-compliant CAP radio there is.
Wow Gibson, your VX-150 is HOT! I sure wish I had $109 so I could by my own, but until then, I'll be stuck with a JT1000 and my FT-203R that I keep dropping!
by UALvolar November 01, 2003
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Call center basicallylike Teleperformance/Calltech and Teletech. Same day, same old crappy job. You are treated like a number to fill a seat. You are aloud personal items on your desk but when they do fire you they keep things they can use. The managers are helpful if you ask the question in a form that they understand. If you call off you will be pointed or written up for missed work after missing so many days, but you are not told how many you can miss before being fired. You will be fired after missing 2 weeks of employment. If you do not ask for PA customers "Did I satisfy your concerns today?" you get hit by the PUC. You dont want to work there unless you want to be treated like a robot and someone to just fill a seat.
Vertex is a bad place to work
by Employee 19875 July 07, 2009
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The badass-est song to date on the popular dancing game In The Groove 2 (ITG2). Currently it is locked and only playable on the course Nightmare. On expert, it is a tough 13 footer. There are hands and "whacked-out" beats throughout the song. Eventually, the song reaches 555bpm with some crazy jump stepping and bullshitting. You'd be lucky to make it through this song alive.

To sum it all up, Vertex^2 will ruin your shit any day of the week.

(see "images" to see what happens when you try to play vertex^2...nubs...)
Hey wanna play vertex^2?
-Yeah, if I really felt like getting fucked in the ass I would.




by Pags/JAP August 21, 2005
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