a really juicy vagina that is also pointy, but pointy enough so you get an orgasm every time you stick your cock in there
Guy 1: Have yo seen dat gurl's sweet vertex?
Guy 2: Dayum, my cock had like fucking blisters cuz of that nasty hole.
by Cryantix June 14, 2015
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Just like factoring, you're gonna fail this, too.
Teacher: alright time to do more shit that'll bring down your grades.( Smiles like a cunt). Now let's get learning shall we?(laughs like she has a hangover, because she probably does). Ready to fail vertex form you insignificant little shits?
Me: why don't u stop failing at finding love. Make an equation for that you stuck up bitch.
by Ihatemathandshit January 11, 2017
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The act of finding a vertex or vertices associated to a list of tracks.
Once he found the tracks, he searched for vertices using the vertexing algorithm.
by phys123 December 15, 2020
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The act of finding a primary vertex associated to multiple tracks.
Once he had the list of tracks, the vertexing step was very simple.
by phys123 December 15, 2020
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