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Hell hole of the universe. Place to avoid at all times when possible. Festering puss-hole of rancid slavery on Satans anus
I work at Teletech, I have attempted to kill myself several times with a phone headset and have wasted the last 3 years of my life.
by Disgruntled Employee #3 January 18, 2008
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Teletech is very similar to calltech but more prison like if you smoke you actually walk outside into a caged in area (not just a fence its a cage). Everywhere you go in the building you must swipe your bage to open the door. Security is a joke they think there securing the white house. There are revolving doors that you walk through o get in and out, God forbid 2 people (1 comin in and ! goin out) the doors will trap you a security lets you out and the bull dyke yells 1 at a time. They dont even trust you wil a real phone everything is on your computer so they can watch your every move in order to get any incentives you must keep calls under 3 mins (I work for a bank) and don't use aftercall so basically your screwed with 8.65 an hour. The only thing you can have at your desk is a dry erase board no paper no pens no pencils and since you actually dont work for the company your takin calls for you have their rules plus teletechs rules. Hmmm o yeah I guess it makes them feel special cuz they call human resources human capital whoo hoo and some sups will try to help you and others send you off to call another dept and get a bad report its awesome I would recomend this for anyone who likes to be shit on or lives in the ghetto
Dude 1: Hey man I really need a job
Dude 2: Teletech is hiring
Dude 1: Awesome I'll apply
3 months later

Dude 1; Dude your such a dick I hate this job
Dude 2: Yeah but no1 else I knew worked here
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