A term popular in miami used when refering to a convertible
That boy dropped the top on that vert
by MiC check August 21, 2005
A character from Hyperdimension Neptunia that resembles Xbox. Vert is the CPU/goddess that looks over Leanbos
Vert has big boobs
by Neppylove5 February 11, 2019
A feeling so esoteric it can not be explained nor replicated. It is simply unique, a mixed state of euphoria and reasoning.
After years of hard work and dedication, I finally achieved my goal. I am nothing but verted....
by 3_ September 2, 2021
Vertical. It also means good or cool.
Person 1: Man that was so vert
Person 2: Yeet that was so vert
by klinkpo5 November 11, 2018
From the latin viridis or vireo this word is of archaic lineage embodying life and the peaceful light brought on by fertile growth. It is life force; beyond badass; past awesome; extreme without over-abundunce or gluttonous excess.

As is apparent in observing the many words throughout history using this root the exact definition is difficult to quantify. The old english vert: right to fell timber or French verte for green or Norwegian verten for great feudal lord all touch on the heart of what vert really is: a state of being.

More like an aspect to aspire to than a state actually possible to attain, vert has been compared to living without sin in Christianity or Buddhist enlightenment.

It has common connotation with Alan Moore's "The Green" life force connecting all vegitation in the DC universe. It is also often associated with Marijuana and Green Tea.
"Hey man, how are you?"
"Well I just smoked a fatty and got down and dirty with 3 Swedish swimsuit models so I'm positively vertin' my friend!"
"Dude that's some heavy vert!"
by Crummbrulee December 20, 2017