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To be put on the verge of tears, usually out of anger or annoyance.
Ugh why won't my computer work? I'm so verged right now.
by Lintowl April 02, 2020
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To claim expertise or knowledge in a subject and being ousted by actual experts as a fraud in the process.

Comes from website The Verge's error-filled PC building "guide" released in 2018, that was roasted by hundreds of Youtubers and twitch streamers with actual PC-building experience.
Tyler was goofing off in class because he thought he already knew everything and the prof mercilessly verged him for a solid five minutes when he couldn't do the first problem on the board.
by sadfasdfasdfasdf May 03, 2020
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verged: (slang) Typically referring to a computer so poorly constructed that it barely functions or does not function at all. Can also refer to other electronics projects requiring, either partial or complete, assembly or construction on the part of the end user where the final product is very poorly constructed and of questionable quality with the fault being the user who built it and not the quality of the components used.
Did you see the new computer John built?

Yeah, I saw it. He verged that pretty bad. He clearly didn't know what he was doing.
by ch196h October 07, 2018
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