When you're eating out a girl's pussy and she orgasms in your face, as you pull away the pussy juice drils from your chin, leaving you looking like the constantly slobbering spider man villain, Venom
Josh: Yo did you hear i fucked vicky last night? She's totally into venoming dudes.
Drake: damn man, must've had you slobbering crazy
by The Sun Praiser August 22, 2018
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A completely badass marvel hero/villan depending on how you look at it. has some weird ass symbiot suit thats all black with the exception of a spider design on his chest and back.
Venom is going to be in spiderman 3 and I hope he fucks spiderman up.
by Joe April 27, 2004
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Used to describe something so cool it’s got the potential to knock you dead.
“Have you seen Tanya’s new kicks? Damn, son, they’ve got venom!”

“Tell Leo I like his rain jacket. That shit’s straight venom.”

Lizzo is the Girlboss we need. She’s straight venom.
by yung vinyl September 30, 2019
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Early speed metal that influenced extreme metal as a whole, not just black metal. Venom didn't play black metal, they just coined the term.
by Victimizing Blitzkrieg November 26, 2007
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One of Spider-Man's enemies. Venom's real name is Eddie Brock. He has teamed up with Spider-Man from time to time, and is displayed as a tragic hero much of the time, trying to save innocents but killing the criminals who have caused them harm. He is a large, black-suited creature with sharp teeth and a long tongue, large white eyes, and a white spider emblem on his chest and back.
The Venom in Spider-Man 3, who was purple and the same size as Spider-Man, was a pitiful fucking excuse for Venom.
by 000Venom August 25, 2008
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Two off-centre piercings in the tongue. One on either side of the centre.

May be pierced in one or two sittings. They will often take a little longer to heal than having one piercing, due to the swelling of the tongue.

Problems sometimes associated with venoms are chipped teeth, wearing of the gums and of the alveolar ridge.

(Are said to improve fellatio!)
Wow, you have venoms. Awesome.
by in_delirium January 13, 2007
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An early black metal band. Said to have created the genre, inspired Kirk Hammet, Dave Mustaine and other kick ass Metal Guitarists.
Venom totaly Kicks ass!
by ANTHRAXVIRIS April 14, 2005
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