(1)a 70's rock band fronted by lou reed. often referred to as the 'godfathers of punk' although most people disagree. excellent musicians who music is still cherished and rocked out to this very day.
(2) a club on queen street west toronto
(1) sweet jane is one of my favourite velvet underground songs
(2) my brothers band is playing at the velvet underground on friday
by Jane_Bond October 28, 2003
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a slang term for vagina, popular in the 70's among metrosexual clubbers
'Can I wham my oingo boingo into your velvet underground?'
by b^a&t*e@m!a%n May 7, 2009
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A vagina. In the family guy episode, where peter goes back in time with the help of death, and ruins his relationship with lois, brian asks lois if he can "ram his oingo boingo, into her velvet underground" referring to her vagina. Also, a kickass band.
Brian: lois, can I ram my oingo boingo, into your velvet underground?
Lois: I love velvet underground.
by curfry January 11, 2010
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A old rock band, now a non-mainstream dance club.
"Looking for something that goes against the mainstream grain? You might as well be a left-wing vegan in a texas prison. Come home to Velvet Underground."
by matt October 24, 2003
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