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A vagina. In the family guy episode, where peter goes back in time with the help of death, and ruins his relationship with lois, brian asks lois if he can "ram his oingo boingo, into her velvet underground" referring to her vagina. Also, a kickass band.
Brian: lois, can I ram my oingo boingo, into your velvet underground?
Lois: I love velvet underground.
by curfry January 10, 2010

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A diddler of kids. A person who specifically diddlers small children, be it boy or girl. Also often known as a chester (child molester) or a chikiddler. A child kididdler. There are many levels of diddling.
Fry: oh my god look at that kididdler!
John: he's diddling that kid so hard! He's all sweaty!
Fry: he looks like he could use a moist towelette.
by Curfry August 16, 2009

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