The face that is made when the grundle is being tongued and licked from a person of the opposite sex.
After my work out I received some dirty pleasure, but from the veld on her face, she did not like my stinky sack.
by Dumpster of Gristles May 2, 2005
The act of picking up pens of the floor.
Ethan: Why are you velding?
Michael: Free pens, why not.
by year12 crippling depression February 21, 2018
An annual EDM festival held in the West end of Toronto at Downsview Park.

Hypebeasts, ravers, thots and fuckboys alike flock by the thousands to this 2-day drug-infested suffering of the ears, mind and soul.

Tickets are always expensive, but it’s worth it to see the inner thot in the girls attending come out.

If you have $250 you’re willing to part with to see human degeneracy at its core, come to Veld!
Me and the bros went to Veld last year, and it was fuckin lit! Some random brunette from Oakville did molly off the ground and she let us battry her in a porta potty. Oh ya, the music was okay I guess
by bredsheeran81 July 17, 2019
Describing someone who is dressed super fly or acts super cool.
Yo, bro, you got some te Velde swag.
by Steve Hanpuppet April 29, 2022
a te velde is someone you don’t want to mess with. he’s 7 feet tall, has curly gray hair, extremely bushy eyebrows, and will probably rape you. he’s so creepy he got his dress codes taken away from him and got a teacher suspension bc he stares at girls. STAY AWAY FROM TE VELD!
bro that’s mr. te velde is such a te velde stay away from him.
by my dick is red November 11, 2019