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A living creature, typically an enthusiastic young male, that has suffered moderate to severe brain damage as a result of habitual risk-taking behavior.
Greg wrecked his motorcycle, and he wasn't wearing a helmet. Now he's a vegitard.
by Brian Zachary October 18, 2007
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And obnoxious vegetarian or vegan (usually a member of Peta or Peta2) who believes in pushing their views on you. Will confront anyone they see eating meat products and tell them they are in the wrong. Will go to great lengths to do these things even though people will generally ignore their presence all together.

Very Annoying.

Will sometimes try knocking the meat out of your hand. Sometimes ending in a physical altercation.
Vegi-Tard-Stop eating meat! How would you feel if someone was eating you?!?!

Person-Well if they were able to eat me and they were hungry then they can, dumb ass Vegi-Tard
by BruceDeacroix October 13, 2011
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1.someone who thinks that vegetarians dont eat products that come from animals, like milk and eggs and all that shit. Thats vegans stupid!

2. all the whitetrash retards who posted a definition for vegitarian.
"stop fucking your cousin and come here ya vegitard."
by PaulJar the Pornostar November 16, 2003
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