The VCL is an online repository for fantasy character art, generally tending towards "furries", artwork characteristic of a medium-large, liberal-leaning subculture that is home to people who roleplay, in similar spirit to D&D and such, what are known as "anthropomorphic animals" (taking the anime catgirl a step or ten further) or chimerical creatures the like of dragons, gryphons, etc. Some of the work here is reasonably good, and work intended for mature audiences is generally stored in seperate galleries that are labelled as such. Personally, I prefer to shop for backgrounds at Elfwood, but VCL isn't totally bankrupt of talent by any means.
Dude1: Cool dragon. Did you get that off of Elfwood?

Dude2: Nah, I found an artist on VCL who does good dragons. Have you noticed that hardly anybody gives their tails that nice spade-shaped tip anymore? Damned shame.
by Bill Mutz September 9, 2004
In Vibration and Control Laboratory, experimental and theoretical means for improving the quality and performance of mechanical systems, components and structures, such as vibration/noise, life, speed, accurac y and weight, are studied. In the laboratory, good experimental modal analysis and noise measuring facilities and CAD systems of high-performance workstations with anal
ysis and design packages have enprovided well. Five research groups are now working actively in this laboratory.
1.Active vibration and motion control of flexible mechanical systems and struct-ures

2.Structural dynamics modification

Experimental and numerical identification and modeling of vibration Systems

3.Structural-acoustic coupling analysis and design using FEM and BEM

4.Vehicle suspension systems and vehicle dynamics control

5.Dynamics and control of flexible manipulators and machines
by labguy September 9, 2003
When I nigga got the whole VC Laughing
I made the whole vcl
by RealBibba April 12, 2021
Vaginal Clitoral Ligament- When a guy is unable to play a sport due to minor injuries or can't make a guys weekend in vegas, friends will speculate that he may have injured his VCL.
I didn't even see Eli take a shot, why is he out of the game?

I think he pulled his VCL on that last tackle.
by Crack29 January 15, 2008
Acronym for the Vinny Chase Lifestyle, a.k.a. every man's dream. Describes a luxurious life full of chillin' out with your homeboys, enjoying expensive houses/cars/parties, drinking, partying, smoking mad weed, acting (occasionally), and, of course, nailin' the hottest chicks around. For illustration, just watch any episode of the hit HBO series Entourage.
Recent High School Grad: "So, Matt, whatya doin' now that we done high school?"

Matt: "Well I ain't goin' to college so I guess I'll work at Wal-Mart or somethin'"

Recent High School Grad: "Well have fun with that, I'ma move out to Hollywood and live the VCL, man."
by M Rockwell February 2, 2007