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The VCL is an online repository for fantasy character art, generally tending towards "furries", artwork characteristic of a medium-large, liberal-leaning subculture that is home to people who roleplay, in similar spirit to D&D and such, what are known as "anthropomorphic animals" (taking the anime catgirl a step or ten further) or chimerical creatures the like of dragons, gryphons, etc. Some of the work here is reasonably good, and work intended for mature audiences is generally stored in seperate galleries that are labelled as such. Personally, I prefer to shop for backgrounds at Elfwood, but VCL isn't totally bankrupt of talent by any means.
Dude1: Cool dragon. Did you get that off of Elfwood?

Dude2: Nah, I found an artist on VCL who does good dragons. Have you noticed that hardly anybody gives their tails that nice spade-shaped tip anymore? Damned shame.
by Bill Mutz September 09, 2004

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